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Price: $300 + s/h

Quick Info

Size: The frame measures 6.5 X 9
Sculptor: Ashley's Equine Artistry
Painter: DeeAnn Kjelshus

Media: Acrylics and Pastels
Completed: 2024

Available for sale is something different and fun. I titled this piece Tranquility.
This piece consists of 2 painted medallions (Friendship, and Tot) mounted to an acrylic painting done by DeeAnn of a tranquil winter scene with a snow-covered trail. Framed in a wooden frame that can be hung on the wall, or stand up by itself. (I would suggest standing instead of hanging due to the weight). To allow the medallions to fit no glass is included with the frame.
"Friendship" medallion is the dappled chestnut horse with blonde rider painted by DeeAnn using Acrylics and pastels. The medallion is sculpted by Ashley's Equine Artistry.
"Tot" medallion is the fuzzy buckskin blanket Appaloosa pony with child rider painted by DeeAnn using Acrylics and pastels. The medallion is sculpted by Ashley's Equine Artistry.
The tranquil background is created by DeeAnn using acrylics. The snow has a slight shimmer in some lights as it reflects the sun.
Completed February 2024. The frame measures 6.5 X 9.
Heart-shaped ceramic piece and flowers not included in sale

Painted Medallions for sale

If you need medallion stands Melanie Miller sells amazing medallion stands! Check them out!

Nothing available please check back later

Purchase: $55 Unpainted Dakotah Medallion

$55ppd in US

Dakotah is my brand new medallion for 2021. I sculpted Dakotah as a wild North Dakota Badlands horse. He is a nod to the state where I was born and raised - North Dakota. If you aren’t familiar with the horses please check them out. The wild horses of the Badlands hold a unique place in the history and settlement of North Dakota.

Dakotah was inspired by the North Dakota Badlands Horse they called Blaze. Blaze was a stunning red roan stallion with a blaze and one blue eye. He inspired many people and lives on in the hearts of all of his admirers. As part of his background I’ve sculpted some of the rugged North Dakota Badlands. The badlands are harsh to live in, but a beautiful place to visit.

Dakotah will be a one mold run and is approximately 5 inches. At this time I have 1 painted, and 15 unpainted medallions available for immediate shipment. Photo of painted roan copy is example only. You may purchase your unpainted copy below.

Purchase: $55 Unpainted Dakotah Medallion


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