Superlumina by DeeAnn Kjelshus

Quick Info

Size: 1/9th scale Arabian Mare
Sculptor: Maggie Bennett
Painter: DeeAnn Kjelshus
Material: Resin
Media: Acrylic and Pastels Completed: 2014

Introducting "Superlumina". Finishwork by DeeAnn Kjelshus. Completed in October of 2014.

This is the Superlumina Arabian Resin by Maggie Bennett with finish work by DeeAnn Kjelshus

This sculpture is supurb in detail, correctness and emotion! It captures a playful moment in time and suspends it for all eternity. I have tried to replicate the emotion of the sculpture with the paint job. The mane and tail seemed to look like licking flames to me so this chestnut girl has a flaxen mane and tail that blends from her body color to chestnut in a similar way that flames change from orange to yellow.

This piece has all the details including detailed muzzle, teeth, tongue, eyes, ears, genetails, hooves, mane and tail. Each piece is sprayed between coats with a protective finish and completed with a final coat along with glossed eyes and matte finish on ear tips, tail tips etc to help add an added measure of protection.

by DeeAnn Kjelshus by DeeAnn Kjelshus by DeeAnn Kjelshus by DeeAnn Kjelshus by DeeAnn Kjelshus by DeeAnn Kjelshus